How to Create a Digital Product in Shopify

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This is a 2 minute how-to on creating digital products using the Shopify app, BitStream.

Creating products in BitStream is pretty simple- it's all managed in your store and is just an extension of creating products.

In short:

  1. Create a product.
  2. Click "More Actions" > "Attach Download"
  3. Upload a file and attach it to your product.
  4. Set the inventory to not track quantities.
  5. Set the shipping to not calculate shipping.
  6. That's it!  It's ready to sell.

To see the steps, just keep reading- there are screengrabs for each step.


1. Open Product & Click "Attach Download"

More actions attach download

First, attach a file to a new or existing product using the "More Actions" button.


2. Upload Your File and Attach It

attach your file

Next, click "Attach file" to attach your file to the product.


upload a file to attach

Because this is your first product, you'll need to upload a file. 


how to shopify digital product 3Drag and drop, paste, or browse to your file and it will upload it.


Select your uploaded file

Now that you've uploaded a file, you can select it from the list of available files by clicking on it. 

3. Update Inventory to Not Track

Un-check the "Track Quantity" box

Make sure to un-check the "Track Quanitiy" box.

4. Disable Shipping

 Un-check the "This is a physical product" box.

Un-check the "This is a physical product" box.

5. Save your file.

Click "Save" to finish.

Click "Save" to finish.