Managing Your Shopify Files Easily with BitStream

BitStream DashboardThe Bitstream Dashboard provides many features, including how to manage your Shopify digital files easily and efficiently.

One of the many benefits to BitStream is the user-friendly Dashboard that is available when you open the app.  There are six different sections in the Dashobard, as pictured on the right.  There is also an "Other Settings" section on the bottom.  In this article, we will discuss how to manage your digital files through the Dashboard.

With BitStream, you can easily add digital files to your products, as  we covered in this article.  Once you know how to do that, managing these files is simple and easy with BitStream's user-friendly interface.

Here is what you are able to do with your files:

  1. Click the "File" button on your dashboard.
  2. See your files at a quick glance..
  3. Upload new digital files.
  4. Choose files to download to your computer
  5. Select files to delete.
  6. It's as simple as that!

To see the steps, just keep reading- and don't worry.  There are screengrabs for each and every step so you can see for yourself just how easy this is!


1. Click the "File" Button on Your Dashboard.

Select the "File" button on your Dashboard.

Select the "File" button on your Dashboard.

2. See your Files at a Quick Glance.

A list of all uploaded files.

You will see a list of all your files you have uploaded..

 3.  Upload New Digital Files.

You can upload digital files to your account.

You can choose to upload new files to your account..

4. Choose Files to Download to your Computer.

Choose to download any file listed.

Choose to download any of your files that are listed here.

5.  Select Files to Delete.

Select files to delete.Select any files you would like to delete.