A Native Shopify Digital Download App

Other download apps make you and your customers use their websites to sell digital products. BitStream provides you a seamless experience where everything happens within your store.

Designed for Shopify

BitStream is designed for an intuitive Shopify experience for both you and your customers. It's easy and all within your store.

Rock Solid Reliable

Ensure your customers get your files on the industry leading platform with better than 99.999% availability.

Powerful File Protection

Flexible access controls, integrated geo-location of customers, and abuse alerts ensure only your customers get your downloads.  

Intuitive Controls Will Have You Selling Like a Pro in No Time

Create Digital Products in Just a Couple Clicks

For any product, just click "More Actions" and "Attach a Download" from within Shopify's edit product interface. Then upload a file. Seem like there should be more? Well that's it! :)

  • Upload right to your store.
  • For a product and any of its variants (mix and match as needed.)
  • Don't want to charge? It works for free downloads too.
Attach download to Shopify product
Customer download log.

See Exactly What Your Customers Have Done

BitStream will let you know exactly how customers have interacted with the files they purchased. It will tell you:

  • When a customer hasn't downloaded a digital product they purchased.  
  • Whether a customer accessed a file through the order screen or the email they received.
  • What geographic areas they downloaded the file from, the IP addresses, and when it was accessed.

And if a customer missed an email, you can resend the download links with the click of a button.


Easily Protect Your Digital Products Against Theft

BitStream will help you to prevent against abuse when selling digital products.

  • Get notified if there are suspicious downloads for any of your digital products.
  • Revoke access with the click of a button.
  • Control order downloads by number of times downloaded.
  • Control order downloads by days since purchase that a download is available.
Download controls
BitStream digital downloads features

... And Do Even More

BitStream can help you do even more:

  • Attach multiple files per product or variant.
  • Easily update all past customers when you upload a new version of a digital product.
  • Create customized email templates so your messaging is exactly what you want.
  • File download statistics show you what's most popular.

30 Day Free Trial

BitStream takes just a couple of minutes from installation to selling your first digital product.  Try it out with a with a 30 day free trial.  After that, plans start at only $9/month- the equivalent of a Big Mac meal at McDonalds.  Skip the hamburger and make some money instead!

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