A Native Shopify Digital Download App

Other download apps make you and your customers use their websites to manage and access digital products. BitStream was designed for Shopify and keeps everything within your store.

Designed for Shopify

BitStream is the only commercial download app designed for a native Shopify experience. Easy, intuitive, and all within your store.

Rock Solid Reliable

Ensure your customers get your files on the industry leading platform with better than 99.999% availability.

Powerful File Protection

Flexible access controls, abuse alerts, and integration with Shopify’s fraud prevention ensure only your customers get your downloads.  

Key Features

Certified Delivery

BitStream will let you know exactly when a customer has accessed their files.

  • It will notify you of possible issues when customers have purchased, but not downloaded something.  
  • It will alert you when a pattern of abuse occurs like a product being downloaded from multiple locations.
  • Customers can access their files from the order success page or the “My Account” area.

Control Access By Number of Downloads or Time Periods

Limit customers access to digital products to a specific number of downloads or for a specific period of time with an expiring download link.  For example, you can configure it so that customers see access controls like:

  • “Please download your product immediately. This link will expire in 3 days.”
  • "Download Initiated.   You have 3 more downloads left before this link will expire."

Multiple Files For One Product or Variant

Add one or more files to any product or variant.  No need to combine files into an archive or worry about whether your customers will be able to access it. 

Files will show up as individual downloads in their order receipt and customer account area.

Track Your Digital Sales in Google Analytics

BitStream can send event notifications to your Google Analytics account so that you can see exactly how digital sales are contributing to your store revenue and how customers find them.

2 Week Free Trial

BitStream takes just a couple of minutes from installation to selling your first digital product.  Try it out with a 2 week free trial.  After that, plans start at only $9/month- that's the equivalent of a Big Mac meal at McDonalds.

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